Adopted – Anastasia

Anastasia is estimated to be a 16 month old female tabby and white domestic medium hair. She was surrendered to Renbury Farm by her owner with her 8 week old babies Coco and Patches. Coco was adopted while at the pound but Anastasia and Patches were scheduled to be euthanaised at 3pm Monday 18th January. Little Paws Orphan Rescue stepped in and Anastasia and Patches were taken into foster care and given a place in our home.

Anastasia is a sweet, gentle and affectionate young lady. When approached Anastasia immediately greets you with a long meow and leans in for a head rub. At an adoption day in February

Anastasia was a major hit with the kids and took being held and petted for hours on end in her stride.

Anastasia would happily live in an apartment or unit provided there is somewhere she can lay in the sun. Her gentle nature would make her an ideal companion for an older person. If you have love to give and a hand to pat her, Anastasia would love to be your companion