Adopted – Bianca

Meet Bianca. Seven years ago her owners moved and cruelly left her behind. She continued to live in the car park of the building where her owners abandoned her. With no shelter she survived freezing winters and sweltering summers and attacks from the local colony of feral cats.

A kind neighbour fed her for four years but stopped due to his neighbours complaining. Another lovely lady took over providing Bianca with food, water and a box to sleep in. However neighbours started to threaten Bianca. So in August Bianca was brought to SASH to keep her safe. Little Paws Orphan Rescue heard of Bianca’s story and immediately wanted to help.

Due to so many years living outside Bianca’s white ears and nose were burnt by the sun. This resulted in the development of squamous cell carcinomas on the tips of both ears, her nose and left lower eyelid. With generous support from the public, we were able to raise enough money for Bianca to undergo Strontium radiation. This involves the use of a radioactive probe to apply large single doses of radiation to the affected areas.

Whilst the treatment to her nose and eye was successful, the treatment on her ears wasn’t, so she underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tips of her ears. She also and a complete scale and polish of all her teeth.

Bianca has had all her vet work completed and is now looking for a home where she will be safe and loved for the rest of her life. Her foster carer Margaret says Bianca enjoys the simple things in life. She sleeps in her bed throughout the day and in the evening looks forward to curling up with Mum and Dad on the lounge for a relaxing evening. A bit of sun baking and yummy food in addition to pats and a brush is all she really wants.

Although currently housed with two other cats Bianca would be best suited to a home without any other cats as she enjoys being the queen bee.

Bianca needs an owner that will allow her time to adjust to her new home and new owner. She’s has a rough life until recently so she deserves to spend her senior years loved and safe.