Available for Adoption – Evolet

Evolet is a very sweet and affectionate two year old champaign and white domestic shorthair. When she was three weeks old she was found in a bin in Parramatta. She was brought into the vet clinic where I work and I brought her home into care at Little Paws Orphan Rescue.
Evolet has a condition some may consider a disability, but she certainly doesn’t! Evolet was born with a rare condition known as optic nerve hypoplasia and she is actually completely blind. But she doesn’t let it slow her down! Evolet has an incredibly keen sense of smell and has the freakish ability to smell meat from anywhere in the house! And she is an amazing bug catcher. Possibly better than cats that have vision!
Evolet absolutely loves being outside however due to her white ears and nose she is only allowed out when the yard is in shade. She loves exploring and climbing on things. She always keeps us company whenever we’re outside, especially when hanging out the washing when she becomes particularly chatty.
Due to her blindness Evolet isn’t a fan of being picked up. She likes to have all four paws planted on something solid. She seeks affection by rubbing up against you asking for pats and jumping up on your lap for cuddles. She will also keep you company by sleeping on the foot of the bed.
Evolet is great with dogs and multiple other cats we have in care. She would good with children that aren’t overly boisterous.