Adopted – Jersey

Jersey is a male black and white domestic short hair born 16th February 2014. He is desexed, fully vaccinated, microchipped and on worming and flea prevention.

Little Paws Orphan Rescue was contacted after a heavily pregnant cat was dumped in a McDonald’s carpark. When we arrived, she had given birth to six beautiful little bubs, Jersey, Sophie, Ally, Freckle, Riley (adopted) and Mouse (adopted). All were a little underweight but otherwise in good health.
We named him Jersey because his markings reminded us of a jersey cow!

Jersey is an absolutely beautiful boy with a super sweet personality. He is one of the most affectionate felines we have had in care. He wants to leave his paw prints on everything and everyone! He loves dogs, the young kittens in care and absolutely adores humans. He’s always keen to keep an empty lap warm, will snuggle⁄spoon with you all night and wake you up in the morning by gently smooching against your face. You can also expect plenty of head butts, face and leg rubs, loud purrs and lots of cuddles.
Jersey loves to play. With us, with the other kittens, with his toys. And the lazer pointer never fails to bring about plenty of laughs along with his habit of walking around with soft plush toys in his mouth. He carries some small catnip mice around but his favourite is a plush sloth that belongs to our Shih Tzu!

Jersey is well and truly ready to be adopted into a home where he can be the center of attention and get spoilt the way he deserves. However as the orphanage is the only home he’s ever known, he can be shy with strangers. He needs someone who is prepared to be patient and give him a few days to adjust to a new home. Then you will get to know this absolutely beautiful boy and his sweet personality.
We feel Jersey would be best suited to a home with no other cats or be adopted with one of his siblings.

Medical Notes:
Jersey suffered severe cat flu in his first few weeks of life. As he got older he continued to show signs of clear discharge from his left eye (like he’s been crying) and some sneezing. He was examined by a specialist vet and diagnosed with feline herpesvirus. Cats worldwide of all sizes, ages and breeds are susceptible to the virus. In Australia, 80% of cats are infected with the virus however only a small percentage show symptoms.
There is a strong possibility that Jersey’s symptoms will reduce significantly or become completely latent (inactive) once he is adopted and is away from the other felines in the ‘orphanage.’
Jersey continue to be overlooked due to his condition. However there is no reason that cats with herpes virus cant live long, happy and uneventful lives. Owners simply need to be diligent watching for symptoms and treat them accordingly. Most of the time this simply means minimising stress and visiting your veterinarian if they develop complications associated with a flare up.