Available for adoption – Maci


Maci is a female tortoiseshell domestic short hair. We estimate that she was born around 13th November 2014.

A member of the public found Maci under their house so they brought her to the Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH). She was very small and frightened. She had so many fleas on her she required three baths before she was clean! The volume of flea’s constantly feeding on her had also caused her to become anemic. Maci was going to be sent to Blacktown Pound.

Little Paws Orphan Rescue stepped in. Maci was taken into foster care and given a place in our home.

Maci although shy, is a quirky little girl that loves to play. Cuddles are ok but only short ones, they interfere with play time! Initially Maci was very much a loner, preferring to play with toys on her own. Now she is older and bigger and can hold her own, Maci loves playing with the other kittens.

Maci would be nervous transitioning to a new home. However with patience and perseverance, she would settle in quickly. Little Paws advocates adopting kittens in pairs when possible and Maci would definitely be one to benefit from being adopted with a friend.

Today’s lifestyle often sees people spending at least half their day away from the home. By adopting a pair, it ensure they have someone to keep them company and hopefully out of trouble while you aren’t home. Maci has been raised with Anessa. Patches, Snowball, Pebbles and Bam Bam. However she would easily adapt to another playmate.