Available for adoption – Maddie

Maddie is a female lilac tortoiseshell domestic short hair born 26th September 2013. Little Paws Orphan Rescue was contacted after a heavily pregnant cat was dumped in the private courtyard of a doctor’s clinic. When we arrived, she had given birth to five beautiful little bubs, Maddie along with her sisters Meg, Trouble, Dakota (adopted) and brother Kodiak (adopted). All were a little underweight but otherwise in good health.

Maddie is a very sweet natured girl and she definitely has a cheeky side that keeps us well entertained. Her nick name is “Mad Maddie” because of the way she runs around when she’s feeling playful during crazy cat hour. Maddie is affectionate and is generous with head butts, face and leg rubs, loud purrs and she’s quick to start kneading whenever she’s receiving affection. She is a bit of a chatter box and ‘talks’ to you when she wants pats. When you stop petting her she reaches her paw out to you asking you to keep going! Maddie also never fails to greet us when we arrive home or let us know if her dinner is late!

Maddie has grown up at the orphanage and it is the only home she has ever known. She is well and truly ready to be adopted into a home where she can be the queen bee and get spoilt the way she deserves. However you would need to be patient with her while she adjusts into her new surroundings. The more time you spend with Maddie, the more she warms to someone. Maddie would best suit a home with no other cats or be adopted with her sister Meg.