Available for adoption – Meg

Meg is a female lilac tortoiseshell domestic short hair born 26th September 2013. Little Paws Orphan Rescue was contacted after a heavily pregnant cat was dumped in the private courtyard of a doctor’s clinic. When we arrived, she had given birth to five beautiful little bubs, Meg along with her sisters Maddie, Trouble, Dakota (adopted) and brother Kodiak (adopted). All were a little underweight but otherwise in good health. 

Meg is very sweet natured, curious and playful. She’s big on following us around the house and supervising everything we do. Especially when it comes to scooping the litter trays, Meg always supervises. Meggie is always up for a play session and is a fan of playing with the lazer pointer. She will snuggle with you throughout the night and wake you up in the morning by gently smooching against your face. And she will never fail to let you know if her biscuit bowl is empty or if you are running late with her dinner! 

Meg has grown up at the orphanage and it is the only home she has ever known. She is well and truly ready to be adopted into a home where she can be the queen bee and get spoilt the way she deserves. However Meg is incredibly shy with strangers. She needs someone who is prepared to be patient and give her time to adjust to a new home, then they will get to know this absolutely beautiful girl and her sweet personality.
We feel Meg would be best suited to a home with no other cats or even better be adopted with her sister Maddie.

Medical Notes
Whilst at the orphanage, Meg managed to slip out the front door. Tragically, she was hit by a car. Meg suffered a life threatening diaphragmatic hernia. This occurs when blunt force causes a tear in the diaphragm and the abdominal contents such as the liver, stomach, or intestines herniate through the tear and enter the chest cavity. This is life threatening as the diaphragm muscle is now compromised as it cannot properly expand and contract. Her tail was also fractured in three places. 
Meg underwent emergency surgery at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital. The fractures in her tail resulted in permanent nerve damage so the only option was to amputate. She has been left with a little stump and wags it when she’s happy or playful. So now she is nicknamed our little bobcat! The accident was very traumatic for Meg. She became withdrawn and no longer wanted to be around us or her sisters. If took six months before Meg started to become that sweet affectionate girl she was prior to the accident. She doesn’t require any further surgery and has a life expectancy like any other cat.