Nicky Rasmin


Adopted Samson

Finding a companion/ therapy cat for my Mum (who has had a stroke) was not an easy task.

Karissa was very understanding and really took the time to discuss Samson’s temperament and suitability.  The trial time allowed Mum to get used to Sammy (and vice versa) without any pressure.

He arrived a very relaxed and happy cat who was eager for love and cuddles, just what Mum needed.  Samson has changed the dynamics of Mum and Dad’s house now!

He now rules the house just as he should and spends his days keeping Mum company as her lap lizard.  His antics keep everyone smiling and Mum is never alone, which is great.

Dad was never really into cats and he is now always telling me how wonderful Sammy is.  I think he has a bit of a man crush!

Samson was just what the doctor ordered.

(I have a bit of a Sammy crush too!)

Sampson 31.5.16 #2

April Ongkingco

StanleyAdopted Stanley

I adopted Stanley from Little Paws Orphan Rescue. He’s an awesome kitty. He welcomes me everyday when I come home from work. He’s very cuddly and likes sleeping on my bed. He’s a very healthy and playful cat. As you can see in the photos he loves cuddling his giraffe which is his favourite toy.  Thank you Karissa for making the adoption process so smooth.

Victoria Pymm

Stark 26.7.16 #3

Adopted Stark

Ziggy (formerly Stark) is an absolutely adorable cat!  We adopted him from Little Paws at about a year of age and he came fully house trained and with all his shots up to date.  He is such a relaxed cat, he doesn’t mind being picked up and given cuddles and tummy rubs and will purr away when we stroke him.  Ziggy is easy to please because his tummy is his number one concern; he can very talkative when he thinks it’s time for food, particularly when we are in bed and not responding appropriately!
From the start, Karissa was really helpful and responsive – she even ‘delivered’ Ziggy to us free of charge, which was just amazing. Karissa also gave us a folder with his history and information on how to make the transition to our home smooth and has been really responsive to my requests for advice, which has been very reassuring. I would highly recommend Little Paws to anyone looking for their first cat as the hard parts are all done for you!

Jessica Howard

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.26.51 amAdopted Christian

Little Paws helped us adopt our new addition to the family, Christian! He had been cared for so well and was such a friendly, happy and adventurous kitten which helped him settle in quickly to his new home!
Karissa made the adoption process so easy! High recommendation to Little Paws!

Valentene Asvestass

Theo 19.4.16

Adopted Theodora

My partner and I are so thankful to Karissa and all those at Little Paws Orphan Rescue for bringing Cleo into our lives. Karissa was so helpful and dedicated! She answered all of our questions promptly making the adoption process go very smoothly. We have fallen in love with Cleo and are so grateful for her addition to our family.

Theo 19.4.16 #2

Claire Hansen

Jerry 29.3.16 #7

Adopted Jerry

I’m so glad I adopted Jerry from Little Paws! Karissa and Mark are incredibly helpful, responsive, and dedicated. They were ready to answer all my (many) questions, and they provide great assistance before, during, and after the adoption process. They also gave me a USB filled with pictures of Jerry growing up, which is lovely to have. They’ve raised a beautiful cat – Jerry has a great nature and has settled in so well. Thank you so much – from Claire & Jerry

Jerry 29.3.16 #3

Mark Hilder

Arthur 8.3.16

Adopted Arthur

We adopted Arthur from Little Paws and had a great experience. Karissa was so helpful and made the whole experience efficient and enjoyable. Would definitely recommend Little Paws to everyone, it’s the best way to adopt!

Donna and Alan Dickson

Na'vi Feb 16

Adopted Ripley

Can you believe we adopted our Ripley from Little Paws a year ago today! We can’t believe how fast that’s gone.

Thought you guys might like an update on how things have gone. She’s grown into a loving, playful, naughty, purring little soul who just loves nothing more than kisses and cuddles and racing about inside the house. She is also a very protective guard cat, if another cat comes to any door or window or where she can see them in the yard she stands on guard inside. She’ll puff herself up and growl at them until she’s ‘chased’ them off. She defends her house and us very well…..even though the outside cat just often looks at her puzzled as to what’s going on :)

When we first got her home she escaped out the front a couple of times but as soon as she realised she was out she got very scared and either let us grab her or darted back to the front door. Now she’s a bit older she’s shown no interest in going out and is very happy to watch the birds and other stuff from the safety of the house. She’s a very good hunter and we often wake up to little ‘presents’ around the house, usually cockroaches! I don’t know how she finds them sometimes but she’s very alert for any noise or movement.

Ripley and Yoshi rub along ok. Yoshi has turned into a bit of a dobber, yelling out if she taps his bum or tail as he’s walking past. They aren’t best mates but they often sleep near each other on the bed or lounge so we think they get on alright most of the time, there’s been no serious fighting or spats…luckily as she’s grown into a larger cat and she’s twice his size!

She’s a really good eater but not over eater, she walks away from her bowl when she has had enough…..which makes a change from piggy Yoshi who just rushes in and finishes off everything, including hers if she’s left it. Ripley also loves ‘sharing’ our food, her particular favourites are plain chips, tortilla chips, garlic bread and cereal. We have to be careful not to leave it around as she’ll help herself, not as bad as Yoshi who dragged a roast out of the slow cooker a couple of years ago!

All in all, we love her to bits and she’s just got the best personality. She’s a very sweet, happy girl who is adorable and is pretty content. We are so pleased we got her from your rescue, she’s been a really well socialised cat, bold and with a great personality she’s not shy or scared around other people or animals.

Stella Philippou-Payne

Serani Feb 16 #4

Adopted Serani

First a big thank you to Karissa. I can’t thank you enough for bringing Serani to our lives!!! Little Paws was so helpful and accommodating to find us a cat to fit our life style. It took less than a week to have our beautiful Serani to our home. Thank you!!

Serani Feb 16 #5

Poppy Wolanski

Poppy Feb 16Adopted Pushka

What an amazing, courageous and selfless person Karissa is from little paws. Not only has she created a safe haven for rescue cats, but she is highly knowledgeable, professional, helpful, caring and always available throughout the foster caring/adoption process. As a kitty foster carer, Karissa was always eager to answer all questions and go to any lengths to assist in all matters. As a kitty adopter, Karissa helped to make the process smooth and supportive. All paper work and vet checks/processing were managed and completed and I couldn’t be happier with the gorgeous little ‘Pushka’ I have adopted. She has brightened up my life and is the most gentle and loving being. I’m so grateful that she has entered my life! Thanks Karissa!!!

Katy Breakwell

Billy and Norma Oct 2013 - Copy

Adopted Billy-Bob and Norma-Jean

Little Paws Orphan Rescue blessed us with our two furbabies, Billy-Bob and Norma-Jean. Not only were they wonderful, keeping our babies for a month as we were in the middle of moving when we met them, but every cat they have is so well loved and cared for. I’ve known a number of institutes that rescue kittens, but while all of them have rescued bodies, none have rescued souls as well as Little Paws Orphan Rescue.

Diane Patrick

BudgieReceived help with Budgie

This is Budgie. He was diagnosed as FIV positive. When he became very sick the vet decided he needed tooth extractions. We bought him home after his surgery but after four days it was obvious that he was even sicker than before. I would like to thank Karissa from “Little Paws Orphan Rescue” for helping me when I rang her seeking advice. She directed me to an excellent vet who placed Budgie on a drip with antibiotics and pain relief. Karissa also rang me back to see how Budgie was doing and offered more invaluable advice. THANK YOU, LITTLE PAWS ORPHAN RESCUE FOR HELPING US WHEN WE MOST NEEDED IT.

Jess Coombs

Minx 10.7.15 (2)Adopted Romanov

Wonderful people doing great work! Our little Romanov has settled into our family beautifully. She is such a beautiful girl and has put a new spring in Thor’s step. Her favourite toy is his tail and she will push him out of the way and eat his food (meanwhile he is 5 x her size) but he adores her too much to care. Thanks again Karissa!

Johanna Stanton

Amelia Feb 15Adopted Amelia

I came across little Paws orphanage after deciding our family would like a pet. Living in an apartment a kitten was the perfect choice.

After contacting Karissa she organised to come to my apartment with the kitten of our choice, but brought three, that was hard, I would have loved all three. The deal was that two of the kittens had to stay together, so we opted for the quieter kitten who was a little timid and very cute.

Karissa is an amazing woman and does an amazing job rescuing the kittens and loving them all equally. We kept Amelia, now called Missy Moo. She is a delight and follows me around like she’s a dog. She is happy, playful and has brought so much happiness to our family. Thanks Karissa for doing an amazing job running Little Paws Orphan Rescue.

Amelia Feb 15 #2

Bernadette Ciampa


Adopted Polly and Rascal

I came across Little Paws Orphan Rescue when trying to find two kittens for my son’s 7th birthday and was so glad I did. My first enquiry was met with a very prompt reply from Karissa and most of my other questions had already been answered by her thorough very descriptions of Pollyanna and Rascal on the ad. What then followed was a very smooth and impressive adoption process: Karissa and I had a few lengthy conversations ensuring a fit between our family and the kittens and I completed a questionnaire before she and Mark personally drove to Bowral where we live to deliver our new pets the night before my son’s birthday.

The cats were 7 months old when they came to us and initial shyness aside, they were so well-adjusted and in beautiful condition. Rascal had been found in a Sydney park in such a bad state she was almost euthanised by a vet until Karissa stepped in and raised her to be the adorable, loving cat she is today who patiently puts up with our busy household of three little boys and two old kelpies. Pollyanna had been found dumped in a car, and she too is equally a wonderful rescue and a fun, resilient little companion to our family.


Because Polly and Rascal became such good friends in Karissa’s care, Karissa had decided they were only to be adopted together. This was a perfect fit for our family, as we had wanted two but we were impressed with Karissa’s dedication in ensuring the right home for the  girls.

Seeing Mark & Karissa’s genuine concern and attachment to both kittens, we almost felt bad taking them!

Karissa’s follow up post-adoption has been no less exceptional and I have felt more than comfortable contacting her with questions as we went through our initial settling in phase.

Our boy’s seventh birthday wish became something so much more for us; we added two more members to the family and now can’t imagine life any other way.

Thank you again, Karissa and Mark for the wonderful work you do.

Dusty and Tommy 5.9.14

Rebecca Candy

Adopted Dustan and Tommy

We have just introduced Tommy into the family, after adopting Dusty from Little Paws in February. The two of them get along beautifully, with lots of playing and mischief. These boys have brought joy to our family and I couldn’t imagine not having them! Thank you Karissa for your amazing support and bringing us together with our beautiful kittens. If it was not for you we would not have been blessed with them. Thank you your amazing support, love & dedication to not only ours, but all kittens and cats that come into your care. If you’re seriously considering adopting you could not go wrong with Little Paws Orphan Rescue!

Jean & Charissa Arzadon

Adrien 1
Adopted Adrien
My Wife and I found Little Paws Orphan Rescue where we saw cute and adorable Adrien. It was perfect timing because we had been wanting a companion for a long time and once we saw Adrien, we made our decision and emailed Karissa and Mark and it went from there. We felt very comfortable with Karissa and Mark when bringing Adrien to our home, very quiet at first but before we knew it he had the loudest purr we have ever heard! A detailed profile of Adrien’s personality was very helpful as he had to feel cosy in his new home. He soon found himself knowing his surroundings and made it his new home. He has so many cute habits like waking up my wife every morning with a very cute meow when feeling hungry :)  Adrien is still pretty young but fairly big for his age and LOVES his food!! Karissa and Mark have looked after Adrien very well and we highly recommend Little Paws Orphan Rescue for all pet lovers!
So save, adopt and love these cute animals because which ever one you decide to adopt, they will melt your heart and be forever furry companions with endless memories!

Nick Dempsey

Jacob 6.3.15Adopted Jacob

I adopted Jacob from Little Paws after he had been looked after by them for a very long time, due to some health issues he had when they rescued him.  He is the sweetest boy – affectionate and a real character.  I’m so grateful that Little Paws were prepared to invest so much time and effort in Jacob, in the face of what must have seemed like very long odds at times.  They do great work!

Matehya & Izaak


Adopted Patches

How do I even begin with my recommendation of Little Paws Orphan Rescue? High doesn’t begin to cover the respect I have for both Karissa and Mark. I knew before even arriving the care both Karissa and Mark had for all the cats that came through their door. The amazing thing is, they can identify every cat and inform you of their personality so you can truly make an informed decision which is something you can’t get from places like pet shops.

I found Little Paws on Pet Rescue where I originally saw little Maci, but when I saw Freya, the decision was already made. I first saw my furry baby with her mother, Anastasia. She was instantly purring upon being handled and when we got her home, stayed by my side constantly for the first week. Freya, formerly, Patches came home in April, at approximately 4 months. It was upon getting comfortable that her true diva persona shined. Refusing certain kitten foods, consuming chicken from our plates when we weren’t watching and stealing our chairs when we briefly stood up.

Despite not being a lap-cat, she is still perfect to both myself and my partner. Loving cuddles are allowed at her own selection, of course. Her personality of a diva has reduced since adopting her little sister of whom has become both her best friend and boxing bag during playtime. However, her presence is never to be ignored, thankfully she commands attention more quietly as she gets older.

The thing that struck me the most about Little Paws was the willingness to provide advice. 2 months after adopting Freya, we adopted her sister from a pound while visiting. We were planning to adopt from Little Paws again, however as we all know when you find ‘the one’, that’s it. Our newest baby had, and still has, ongoing medical issues which were extremely concerning. Karissa was beyond tremendously helpful and despite not being one of her babies, she was happy to help and get us booked in at after-hours emergency care when Lexi got severely unwell. Without the help of Little Paws I would have been so lost.

You would never regret adopting one of their furry babies! They will ensure you find your perfect match. I could never recommend Little Paws Orphan Rescue enough to anyone!

Fred Schnerring

Bruno May 15

Adopted Bruno

Little Paws Orphan Rescue: Highly Recommended.  It is evident on visiting them that they have a lot of affection and love for the cats in their care.  They are housed in a home and are part of the family.   Their cats are obviously well looked after.  They are very helpful with selecting the cat for you, or more importantly, allowing the right cat to select you.  They fully explain the adoption process, what the cat likes to eat, what his/her personality is and its medical history.  And you get all the necessary paperwork and certificates.

They are happy to provide advice, information and lots of help after adoption.  They are pleased to hear how your new cat is getting on its new home.  Sort of like once part of the family, always part of the family.

Again, highly recommended.  Rather glad that they grabbed Bruno from “death row”. Hard to believe such a sweet little cat could be euthanised.

Abby Haynes

rub my belly 7.1.15-1

Adopted Charlie

Our lovely boy, Charlie, comes from Little Paws Orphan Rescue where he had been in care with his siblings. Karissa and Mark did an amazing job of helping us settle him in and ensuring we had all the information and support we needed. It’s very reassuring to know that I can contact Karissa and get expert advice at any stage down the track.
Little Paws really does prioritise animals’ health and happiness, and ensures that they go to their new homes in the best possible way. I heartily recommend them.

Ngarla Tetley

Hunter 15.10.14

Adopted Hunter

I had been looking around for a while for a rescue but none of them seemed quite right until I came across Little Paws Orphan Rescue on Pet Rescue. I checked them out on Facebook and I got a good vibe from the photos and comments and conversations I had with Karissa. I just knew this was the right place for me (even though I live over an hour away) and that ‘rightness’ was confirmed upon meeting Karissa and Mark… who I am truly grateful for because I fell in love with Hunter’s photo on Pet Rescue and I am now very happily adopted by him ;)

I highly recommend Little Paws Orphan Rescue for your next kitty (or more), Karissa and Mark love all their furbabies and it is plain to see in the well-loved, trained, adapted cats and kittens that have found their way to them and then onto loving homes. I am so grateful to have met them and through Hunter, to have become part of the Little Paws Orphan Rescue family! :)

Ben Peek

Harper and Capote Jan 15

Adopted Harper and Capote

My partner and I adopted two cats from Little Paws Orphan Rescue in September of 2014. We were entirely impressed by both Karissa and Mark in both their care, organisation, and sense of responsibility to not just the animals we adopted, but all of the cats in their care. Likewise, our vet was also impressed by the care that both had received, and by the documentation that was on hand for both.

An…imal rescue and care is, like all non-for profit gigs, a tireless and, perhaps, thankless one. It is a job that will sadly have no end, but is a necessary one, and organisations like the one Karissa and Mark run are endlessly important to maintaining a humane refuge for the animals who are treated cruely. Providing a good home for one of the cats in their care is the final part of what they do, and you and I will likely not know of the rest of the work that takes place, but it is, most importantly, there.

Jess Mcluvllem

Hamish Oct 14

Adopted Hamish

Karissa and Mark are such wonderful kind foster parents. They know every one of their cats and kittens personalities. When going through my adoption of my beautiful long haired ginger boy both Karissa and Mark were so informative and supportive throughout the transition. They still love to hear updates on his new life with me.
Both Karissa and Mark have such big hearts for kittens and cats that would otherwise be abandoned. I admire the strength of this loving adoption family. Xx

Kate Drury

Riley and Harry 8.9.14 #3
Adopted Harry and Riley

Little Paws is just inspiring. Karissa (and Mark’s!) dedication to the lives of saving and rehoming precious animals is just humbling…the energy and time devoted. Little Paws is the PERFECT way to find a kitty to join your life. I was a first time cat owner, and Karissa explained with such patience everything I needed to know.
I told her the home I had to offer and she matched me perfectly with …my first 8 month old kitty. She takes the time to make sure you are well suited, and the kittens and cats are just so well adapted after being reared with the other cats/dog at Little Paws. I was so happy with my experience, that one year later I visited for another kitty, which Karissa & Mark were able to then match perfectly to the 1st cat I had adopted already having the experience of bringing him up. I cannot recommend Little Paws enough.
Thank you so much for everything you do.
PLEASE don’t purchase cats from pet shops!!! STOP and think about the thousands that need rehoming right near you…start at Little Paws, where bundles of love are waiting patiently!

Kylie Abel

Burger 17.8.14

Adopted Burger

I recently got my cute little cat Burger from Little Paws Orphan Rescue. Karissa was very friendly and professional, and worked hard to ensure Burger was a great fit for our family. We now have a gorgeous new member of our family, and we have a great rescue organisation to thank for it. :)

Eric Leishman

Sitka & Denali 13.9.14

Adopted Sitka and Denali

I got my two furry babies from little paws and it was 100% the best idea I have ever made. I have the best kittens in the entire world and I couldn’t be happier. I reccomend everyone to go to little paws and just meet the kittens, I guarantee you will fall in love 100 times over within 15 minutes. Karissa has been there for me with every little concern i could ever have (even about the fact kittens have baby teeth and adult teeth)

GO THERE! Do it! You get made to feel welcome from the minute you get there being greeted by not only little paws but a lot of little paws!

They help you through absolutely everything and you know you’re helping to change a kittens life forever!

Please visit them and help save a life.
You won’t regret it.

Josephine Asher


Adopted Jackie Boy

Thank you so so much Little Paws for saving Jack from death row and believing he could overcome his traumatic past and find a loving home. We adore him, and he has really made our place into a home. He keeps us entertained with his mischievous tricks and makes us feel loved with all his cuddles. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for all your compassion, persistence and dedication. Josie, Luka, and Jack xxx

Bel Armand


Adopted Nina

I love that there are places like Little Paws Orphan Rescue who selflessly dedicate time and energy to save innocent lives.

If there weren’t such places, many animal lovers would miss out on the joy a darling little animal can bring into their lives.

Thank you for all the excellent work you do.

Jo Althorpe

I’ve known Karissa since we were children and her love of animals is still as strong as it was back then. She works tirelessly to give animals a second chance.