Donna and Alan Dickson

Na'vi Feb 16

Adopted Ripley

Can you believe we adopted our Ripley from Little Paws a year ago today! We can’t believe how fast that’s gone.

Thought you guys might like an update on how things have gone. She’s grown into a loving, playful, naughty, purring little soul who just loves nothing more than kisses and cuddles and racing about inside the house. She is also a very protective guard cat, if another cat comes to any door or window or where she can see them in the yard she stands on guard inside. She’ll puff herself up and growl at them until she’s ‘chased’ them off. She defends her house and us very well…..even though the outside cat just often looks at her puzzled as to what’s going on :)

When we first got her home she escaped out the front a couple of times but as soon as she realised she was out she got very scared and either let us grab her or darted back to the front door. Now she’s a bit older she’s shown no interest in going out and is very happy to watch the birds and other stuff from the safety of the house. She’s a very good hunter and we often wake up to little ‘presents’ around the house, usually cockroaches! I don’t know how she finds them sometimes but she’s very alert for any noise or movement.

Ripley and Yoshi rub along ok. Yoshi has turned into a bit of a dobber, yelling out if she taps his bum or tail as he’s walking past. They aren’t best mates but they often sleep near each other on the bed or lounge so we think they get on alright most of the time, there’s been no serious fighting or spats…luckily as she’s grown into a larger cat and she’s twice his size!

She’s a really good eater but not over eater, she walks away from her bowl when she has had enough…..which makes a change from piggy Yoshi who just rushes in and finishes off everything, including hers if she’s left it. Ripley also loves ‘sharing’ our food, her particular favourites are plain chips, tortilla chips, garlic bread and cereal. We have to be careful not to leave it around as she’ll help herself, not as bad as Yoshi who dragged a roast out of the slow cooker a couple of years ago!

All in all, we love her to bits and she’s just got the best personality. She’s a very sweet, happy girl who is adorable and is pretty content. We are so pleased we got her from your rescue, she’s been a really well socialised cat, bold and with a great personality she’s not shy or scared around other people or animals.