Fred Schnerring

Bruno May 15

Adopted Bruno

Little Paws Orphan Rescue: Highly Recommended.  It is evident on visiting them that they have a lot of affection and love for the cats in their care.  They are housed in a home and are part of the family.   Their cats are obviously well looked after.  They are very helpful with selecting the cat for you, or more importantly, allowing the right cat to select you.  They fully explain the adoption process, what the cat likes to eat, what his/her personality is and its medical history.  And you get all the necessary paperwork and certificates.

They are happy to provide advice, information and lots of help after adoption.  They are pleased to hear how your new cat is getting on its new home.  Sort of like once part of the family, always part of the family.

Again, highly recommended.  Rather glad that they grabbed Bruno from “death row”. Hard to believe such a sweet little cat could be euthanised.