Johanna Stanton

Amelia Feb 15Adopted Amelia

I came across little Paws orphanage after deciding our family would like a pet. Living in an apartment a kitten was the perfect choice.

After contacting Karissa she organised to come to my apartment with the kitten of our choice, but brought three, that was hard, I would have loved all three. The deal was that two of the kittens had to stay together, so we opted for the quieter kitten who was a little timid and very cute.

Karissa is an amazing woman and does an amazing job rescuing the kittens and loving them all equally. We kept Amelia, now called Missy Moo. She is a delight and follows me around like she’s a dog. She is happy, playful and has brought so much happiness to our family. Thanks Karissa for doing an amazing job running Little Paws Orphan Rescue.

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