Nicky Rasmin


Adopted Samson

Finding a companion/ therapy cat for my Mum (who has had a stroke) was not an easy task.

Karissa was very understanding and really took the time to discuss Samson’s temperament and suitability.  The trial time allowed Mum to get used to Sammy (and vice versa) without any pressure.

He arrived a very relaxed and happy cat who was eager for love and cuddles, just what Mum needed.  Samson has changed the dynamics of Mum and Dad’s house now!

He now rules the house just as he should and spends his days keeping Mum company as her lap lizard.  His antics keep everyone smiling and Mum is never alone, which is great.

Dad was never really into cats and he is now always telling me how wonderful Sammy is.  I think he has a bit of a man crush!

Samson was just what the doctor ordered.

(I have a bit of a Sammy crush too!)

Sampson 31.5.16 #2