Victoria Pymm

Stark 26.7.16 #3

Adopted Stark

Ziggy (formerly Stark) is an absolutely adorable cat!  We adopted him from Little Paws at about a year of age and he came fully house trained and with all his shots up to date.  He is such a relaxed cat, he doesn’t mind being picked up and given cuddles and tummy rubs and will purr away when we stroke him.  Ziggy is easy to please because his tummy is his number one concern; he can very talkative when he thinks it’s time for food, particularly when we are in bed and not responding appropriately!
From the start, Karissa was really helpful and responsive – she even ‘delivered’ Ziggy to us free of charge, which was just amazing. Karissa also gave us a folder with his history and information on how to make the transition to our home smooth and has been really responsive to my requests for advice, which has been very reassuring. I would highly recommend Little Paws to anyone looking for their first cat as the hard parts are all done for you!